Generating Necessary pages in VistaWP

VistaWP simplifies your start-up process with an integrated page generator designed to get you up and running swiftly. To initiate this feature, navigate to the settings page and simply click on the “Generate Pages” button. With a single click, three essential pages will be automatically generated for you, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Listings: Tailored for the [vista_listings_list] shortcode.
  2. Individual Listings: Demonstrates the utilization of the [vista_listing_field] shortcode.
  3. Openhouse: Exhibits how to effectively implement the [vista_openhouse_list] shortcode.

These preconfigured pages provide a fundamental foundation for employing the shortcodes, although they lack pre-styled CSS, intricate HTML, or page builder components. They offer a rudimentary starting point that you can expand upon to suit your unique requirements.

Should you desire more comprehensive solutions, VistaWP also offers complete page website kits compatible with Elementor. To explore and acquire these kits, visit Our kits deliver a holistic package to enhance your web presence.