How to setup Fluent Forms Search for VistaWP WordPress

In this tutorial we will go over how Setup the fluent forms plugin for use with The VistaWP

Why use Fluent Forms over the vista Basic Forms ?

Simple ! Fluent Forms many features such as collecting search data, Integrations with a CRM or Zapier. This can be great for lead generation and just simply gathering market data to help further sales and SEO

First you will need to download Fluent Forms here

After installing you will need to download the Fluent Forms basic search form template found here

newt you will need to upload the template to the Fluent Forms plugin

on the settings of fluent forms plugin you should see a short-code to embed this form into your site

copy and paste the short-code onto the page of your website that you wish to use this form on

Keep in mind that this form is set up to redirect to a page named listings (this is where you will see all of the search results)