How to show property listing photos in WordPress using VistaWP

This tutorial goes over how to show property photo on on your individual listing page for a property

VistaWP offers the option to show photos 1 through 10 on property listings

choosing the correct short-code depends on what your builder is compatible with.

for example if you want the photo image displayed from the short-code you would choose the following code

[vista_listing_field field=first-photo]

alternatively if you need the url for the photo you can use the following short-code

[vista-listing-field field=first-photo-url]

you can use these short-codes all the way to the to the tenth photo

Here is a list of the short-codes that you can use

[vista_listing_field field=first-photo]               [vista_listing_field field=first-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=second-photo]        [vista_listing_field field=second-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=third-photo]             [vista_listing_field field=third-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=fourth-photo]          [vista_listing_field field=fourth-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=fifth-photo]               [vista_listing_field field=fifth-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=sixth-photo]              [vista_listing_field field=sixth-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=seventh-photo]       [vista_listing_field field=seventh-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=eighth-photo]           [vista_listing_field field=eighth-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=ninth-photo]             [vista_listing_field field=ninth-photo-url]
[vista_listing_field field=tenth-photo]             [vista_listing_field field=tenth-photo-url]

(Note if property only has five photos , it will not show the rest of the short-codes that do not have any data)