My “Contact Us” Form Does Not Take the Style on Vista Template 1

The Problem:

A common error that usually happens when importing premade pages is that the contact form does not take the styles corresponding to the templates shown on the DEMO website.

To fix this problem you should follow these steps:


  1. WordPress 6.1.1 or higher 
  2. Formidable Forms 6.1.1 or higher
  3. Hello theme and its child theme. You can download the child theme from our official Downloads page
  4. Formidable Forms pro 3.11.1 or higher (the Pro version is mandatory if you want to import to the form styles)

Nice to have:

  • A completely clean WordPress installation, especially for new or inexperienced users.


Download the xml file from our official Downloads page

On your WordPress website go to Formidable –> Import/Export

On the “Import/Export” page “Choose file”, select the file downloaded and check the box “Import files. If you would like to import files, check this box.”

Press “Upload file and import” and wait to finish the import process.

Check the styles imported in the “Contact Us” form on the “Styles” tab

Now the “Contact Us” form has the styles according to the template!

That’s It!