Take Control of your IDX Feeds

Build custom real estate websites in WordPress with any page builder

Take Control of your IDX Feeds

Build custom real estate websites in WordPress with any page builder

Control Every Single Datapoint of an IDX Feed

With VistaWP, any single data point in a listing becomes a short code that you can put into any widget, block or element. That means you can design and build pages for real estate listings exactly how you want, with the tools you know and love. The shortcodes then get populated by listings data from your MLS.

Start Quickly

With our step by step installation guide

VistaWP is like a real estate magic wand—it helps you whip up awesome listing pages using your MLS info directly. It’s a quick and easy setup, and we’ll guide you through the process step by step. Once you’re familiar, you can create some seriously cool custom listing pages.

Learn More

With our Knowledge Base

Check out the knowledge base to get an idea of how VistaWP works. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. Need more help? Our US-based support team is ready to jump in. Get in touch via chat, ticketed support, or on the WordPress support forum. You can even give us a real phone call!

See it in action with our full Website Demo

With our custom built Elementor Site kits, your IDX website is as good as done. Download the kit, import it as an Elementor site kit, and simply change the global fonts and colors to match your own. Adapt and build as you wish.

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What page builders are supported ?

VistaWP outputs IDX data in shortcodes, which can be used anywhere shortcodes are supported. Different page builders support shortcodes in different ways. We’re partial to Elementor, which works very well with VistaWP.

Do you Support my MLS?

Yes! VistaWP supports every MLS in the US and Canada. However, each MLS is different in regards to getting a data feed setup, and some have additional fees. Reach out to discuss your specific MLS.

Are There demo listings?

Yes, there is demo data, which are fake listings from Houston. You can use the demo data to test Vista WP and during the development of your site.

Can I use multiple MLSs?

Yes, Multiple MLSs are possible. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

Do You Have a Developer or Agency License?

We sure do! Developers and agencies can start earning with their very first client install. Get in touch to learn more.

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See how it works and ask all your questions. Schedule a live 1:1 demo right now.