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VISTAWP is an IDX WordPress plugin that turns MLS data into a powerful framework that’s compatible with any page builder

It’s time to change the way Real Estate websites are built

Todays WordPress page builders allow you to build beautiful custom websites, but when it comes to real estate websites, our hands are tied. You could design a custom post type and add each property one by one, but in the world of MLS databases, that isn’t practical.

A small number of WordPress plugins integrate with MLS databases directly, but they have short-comings. Those IDX WordPress plugins use dated templates that are far from custom, look like everyone else’s website, and are extremely difficult to stylize

Break the mold for IDX Real Estate websites


A powerful framework

VistaWP liberates your listings data and turns it into a powerful framework. Build custom-design templates with your favorite page builder, use different templates for different property types, and create unique user flows and experiences, all with up-to-date MLS data.

Beautiful, Unique Designs

Anything you can build with a page builder, you can build with VistaWP. Each data point in MLS listings become a shortcode that you can add to any widget.

Custom Search Forms and Results

Using the free version of Formidable Forms, create custom search forms and tailored results. Want a unique experience highlighing a specific part of town? No problem

Real SEO Power:

Everyone knows that the bese SEO means creating quality content. VistaWP allows you to build specific templates and incorporate listings into any content, whether it be a landing page or post.

Fast and Light:

At less than 150kb, VistaWP is a trim plugin that minimizes bloat and server load. MLS data is served via RETS technology, which is great for SEO and for performance.

Ready to see it in action?

Have a look at this custom website built for O2 Real Estate Group in Boise, Idaho.

Check it out ->

How It Works

Download and Install

Download and install the plugin below. You can start building completely free, using dummy data

Add Your MLS

Purchase a subscription and add your MLS credentials. It will take our team a few days to set things up.

Launch Your Site

Your dummy data will be replaced with live MLS listings. Time to launch!

Get Started


RETS Integration with your MLS
Support for any WordPress page Builder
Residential, Condo, Lots/Land, and Residential Listings
Open House Data


+ $99 Setup fee


RETS Integration with your MLS
Support for any WordPress page Builder
Residential, Condo, Lots/Land, and Residential Listings
Open House Data


No Setup fee
For Annual Subscribers

There is a one-time $199 setup fee per MLS feed. Each MLS is different, and this allows our team to integrate your MLS with Vista and be sure that everything is working correctly. Pay annually to waive setup fee!

A Creative Marketplace

Access readymade templates and website kits built specifically for Real Estate using the most versatile and powerful IDX WordPress plugin available, VistaWP. Import Templates and forms into your page builder, and you’re off to the races.

Coming Soon!


How do I use my MLS data?

You’ll need to be a member of your MLS with credentials to their RETs feed. Once you have that, it takes our team a couple of days to sync up your data with Vista WP’s servers.

Are There demo listings?

Yes, there is demo data, which are fake listings from Houston. You can use the demo data to test Vista WP and during the development of your site.

Can I use multiple MLSs?

Not at the moment but our team is working on it! A public version will be available in the coming months! Fill out the Multiple MlS Beta form to inquire and receive updates about our progress with integrating multiple MLS’s.

Do You Have a Developer or Agency License?

We sure do! Developers and agencies can start earning with their very first client install. Get in touch to learn more.