VistaWP is a powerful plugin with endless possibilities but…

getting started is simple.

Plugin Overview

VistaWP is like a real estate magic wand—it helps you whip up awesome listing pages using your MLS info directly. It’s a quick and easy setup, and we’ll guide you through the process step by step. Once you’re familiar, you can create some seriously cool custom listing pages.

Check out the video below to see how it works and then get down to business.

Important: Even without a license or connected MLS, you can still use the plugin with dummy data.


Download and Install VistaWP

Download the free VistaWP plugin and install it on WordPress.

Download ->


Create Necessary Pages

By clicking the button in the setting page, the essential basic pages will be created.
(Note: If you click it more than once, another set of identical pages will be generated. You may need to delete any unnecessary ones and ensure that the slugs are correct: ‘listings’ and ‘individual-listing’).

The following pages will be generated:
Listings (property listings)
Individual Listing (Individual Property): This page will display results when viewed using the ‘view property’ button on the previous page (Refer to the overview video)


Set up the Search Form

Now, simply add a property search form to any page, like the Home page, by inserting one of these shortcodes.
(Note: Ensure consistent page names to maintain link functionality. Refer to the overview video).

[vista_basic_form dest=”/listings/”]
[vista_advanced_form dest=”/listings/”]
[vista_search_form dest=”/listings/”]


Customize Your Listings Further?

Explore More Customization options and shortcodes.
Check out our documentation or request a template that will help you easily understand how VistaWP works.Templates for Elementor and Gutenberg available but our plugin works with any page builder.


All good? Need a license or MLS help? Reach out!

Got questions on connecting your MLS or snagging a VistaWP license? Hit us up! Whether it’s plugin quirks or just a chat, we’re here for you. We can even jump on a video call if needed.

Contact us

Get a Template Kit

Template Request Form

We are working to offer templates in any page builder, but for the moment we can send you templates for gutemberg or Elementor. If you use another builder and you checked ‘other’ in the options we will contact you shortly to offer you other options or help you with all your questions.