VistaWP is a powerful plugin with endless possibilities but…

getting started is simple.


Download and Install VistaWP

Download the free VistaWP plugin and install it on WordPress.

Download ->


Install the free Fluent Forms plugin

Fluent Forms is an amazing form building plugin and VistaWP requires the free version of the plugin. You can find it in the WordPress Repository.

Download ->


Download and import our premade forms and pages

These downloads will have everything you need to hit the ground running. It includes the basic search forms, the pages you’ll need, and elementor templates to start with.

Download ->


Build and explore with dummy data built in

The free VistaWP plugin will show dummy real estate data right out of the box. That way you can experiment and build out your site before purchasing a subscription.


Purchase a subscription and connect your MLS

Once your ready to start using your MLS data, purchase a subscription to VistaWP, and fill out the form with your MLS credentials*. Our team will map your MLS Data to the plugin. This process takes 3-5 business days.

*Your VistaWP subscription does not include access to your MLS database. You’ll need to be a member of that MLS to get access to their data


Launch your site!

The site you built using dummy data will be populated with live data from your MLS! Launch time!